After Insertion: The First Few Days

It’s been four days since I had a copper IUD inserted, and so far so good. I know that I am getting extremely lucky in terms of pain and other side effects.

The first day, I felt like there was absolutely nothing new besides some very low-level cramping. By the end of the second day, I was aware of abdominal discomfort and discharge (ew!).

The discomfort seemed to be caused more by a feeling of constipation and gassiness along with a rather sore uterus. My cursory internet search brought me to the explanation that since my uterus was probably swollen after the procedure, it was probably pushing on my colon, causing some discomfort and blockage. This, in turn, caused it to press against my already sore uterus, making my abdominal muscles tense up further. Made sense to me.

Once I ate raisins and citrus fruit, though, the issue, ahem, cleared itself up. I still have a lingering gassiness.

As for the discharge, it is brown-ish and mucous-y. Seems to be par for the course given what I’ve read. It can last for varying lengths of time in different women. I’m hoping it will clear up soon because I am sick of wearing pads.

Speaking of pads, I should be starting my period soon, and this morning I woke up with terrible cramps. I had to force myself out of bed to take a painkiller and even still it hurt. I have never felt cramps this bad, but they are still somewhat bearable. They are only sporadic, so it’s manageable, but the pain in each moment is INTENSE. It’s a sharp, stabbing pain that makes me stop in my tracks and hunch a little. This, I suppose, I have to get used to. No IUD is without side effects, and this is the major downside to the Paragard. I will get through this with my strong disposition and my bottle of Pamprin in hand.

Other than this, there hasn’t been much of an issue. I’ve felt for my strings several times, which is simple and reassuring. I’m looking forward to some of these symptoms easing so that I will feel comfortable involving my boyfriend in the process somewhat, but right now, this is an issue for me alone.


2 thoughts on “After Insertion: The First Few Days

  1. So…do you still have it in? I cam across this blog because I’m seriously considering getting a Paraguard, but am still terrified of the side effects. Unlike everyone else on the Interwebs, who had bad reactions to hormonal pills and such, I’ve NEVER been on birth control, so I have nothing to compare it to. So for me, it’s either the Paraguard or condoms (which is what I’ve been using since becoming sexually active). I refuse to even take a chance with hormones. Just wanted to know if the painful periods and heavy cramping were okay to deal with in order to have the benefits of having it in. I understand everyone’s experience is different, but I’m really scared!


    • I am so sorry I didn’t see this. I’m still getting used to the side format, and I haven’t posted in ages. I still have it in. The period blood and cramps were incredible, but still manageable. Just be good about changing pads & tampons. Mine lasted as long as it usually does, and it followed the same pattern (ie: worse on first and second days) — just more blood. Hope that helps! So far, so good!


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